We are looking forward to a busy, fun packed summer–if only the weather would cooperate! It feels more like fall around here lately, with even some winter mixed in! We have been busy with puppies, building projects, and of course, Trystan! Pictures coming soon of the new look of our kennels!

We have Weimaraner and Chesapeake puppies right now, and GSP’s on the way. We have had so many families come from a far to pick up their pups, which has been so much fun for all of us! We look forward to those coming in the next couple weeks as well. We have continued to be so blessed with wonderful families for our pups. It sure makes seeing them go so much easier!

We’d love to hear updates from you with pictures, as well as hearing from those who are looking to add an ASD pup to their family!

I have included some recent pics of our puppies in this post. You can see a lot more of them on our puppy page, and more of Trystan on our gallery page.

Happy Summer!


Current Weimaraner Pups


Current Chesapeake Pups


Current Pic of “our puppy” (Smile)