Puppies & a Baby

Nothin’ cuter than puppies & a baby…wait…..let me rephrase that…Nothin’ cuter than OUR puppies and OUR baby!

Cynna’s New Litter

Cynna is the proud mama of 9 gorgeous Vizsla pups, born on April 9, 2011! There are 5 girls and 4 boys. They are healthy and happy, and so is mama Cynna! Enjoy the pics of our newest litter! Let us know if you are interested on getting on our waiting list for a...

Spring Update!

We are in for a fun Spring & Summer here at ASD Kennels. We are expecting a litter from Daisy May & Max any day now, as well as a litter from Cynna & Blaze mid-April! We also have a Chessie litter that will be on the way soon, as Jill has just been bred...

Sayler & Max’s Litter has arrived!

We are happy to announce that Sayler had her puppies on July 27th. They are beautiful and are doing great! There are 8 girls (wow) and 2 boys–6 are blue and 4 are silver. Sayler is doing great as well. She is such a great mom! And of course, Max is quite proud...

Chessy Videos

Here are a couple videos of Kenai and Yukon’s new pups. They are growing so fast and are such a great looking bunch of puppies! Enjoy!