Stacy and Alex,
We were very fortunate to get a puppy from you this this summer from Scarlet’s litter born in July. Paisley (green collar puppy) has turned out to be much, much more than we expected. She is such a loving dog with a spectacular personality. She loves all the grandkids, especially our special needs granddaughter. There is a special relationship between those two. Paisley is our loving pet with lots of energy at this age but is very affectionate to both of us. When she was born, all the human contact you gave the puppies really paid off.

She is a very smart dog wanting to learn and learns quickly. I took her to South Dakota for 9 days to go pheasant hunting. at ripe old age of 15 weeks. Not knowing what to expect, she surprised the heck out of me. There were 2 older dogs to be her mentor and by day 2 she was retrieving birds with a little help to show her where they went down. The birds were bigger than her, but she stilled grabbed a wing brought them to us. By day 3, she was working pheasants, and days 4-6 she showed no shyness or fear hunting in the deep cover. She made great strides in the fields for only being 15 weeks old.. My hunting buddies laughed and giggled at how she performed. She kept up with the older dogs all day, never tiring, and in the evenings when the older dogs were sleeping, she wanted to play and run around. We called her the Energizer Bunny. So, in summary, the dogs you breed are not only loving, affectionate and a spectacular family pet, they have excellent hunting qualities. We feel so fortunate to have received one of your puppies.

Susan and Greg Anabel

Stacy and Alex,

My wife Tabatha and I realized that we haven’t emailed you to thank you or give you an update since we got our pup.

From the start of looking for a pup up to when we got him, you and your husband made the experience a positive one for us and we want to thank you for that. Our dog Ziggy is so smart and is such a joy. We have been impressed with his intelligence and so was the vet. At his first appointment we had him for just a couple of weeks and he could already sit,stay, lay down and turn around and the vet was thoroughly impressed.

He has such a personality and he has been great around other people and other dogs no doubt due to the early socialization that took place at ASD kennels before we got him. He loves to run beside us as we ride our bikes on the trails and of course he absolutely loves to swim. He began swimming before he was 4 months old.

His duck training has also gone well and I know it probably has more to do with genetics than my training as this is my first duck dog. We had our first hunt last week and he did so good. I shot a duck at quite a distance and injured its wing. I could see it swimming away and trying to hide after it hit the water. I called Ziggy out of the blind and he immediately picked up a scent trail on my “hunt em up” command. I walked to where it appeared to have swam into the grasses and after about a minute of looking I hear a duck quack about 40 feet behind me. When I turn I see Ziggy swimming is circles around this duck. My wife said he saw him flush it out from its hiding spot and basically was diving around it trying to grab a very much alive duck. It was a little too fast for him but eventually he pushed it back into the grass and we got it. It was a great joy to see a dog just under 7 months old getting a duck I almost for sure would have lost had I not had him there. The other guy I was with who has had many retrieving dogs was very impressed with him as well. We hope to have many more great experiences with him in years to come.

Again we want I thank you for a great buying experience and also a great dog. We would recommend ASD kennels to anyone who was looking to buy a chessie. Our dog is both beautiful and intelligent and that can be credited to good breeding.

Thanks for the great addition to our family,

Justin and Tabatha S., Alaska

Hi Stacy,
My husband Austin and I, bought a Vizsla puppy from you last November. We named him Banana Joe. I just wanted to contact you and let you know how happy we are with our Banana. We take him on frequent trail runs and he never tires ( we are huffing and puffing while he is just casually trotting ???? ). We are able to hike and trail run with him off leash because he never leaves our sides and he is friendly to all. My husband has been deployed for the last 5 months and having Banana Joe has been a huge comfort to me. He is such a sweet heart and always… ALWAYS wants to cuddle haha. Thank you so much for breeding such fine dogs. We are definitely satisfied and couldn’t imagine our family without Banana Joe.

Thanks again,

Austin & Melissa A., Utah

Hello Stacy and Alex,

I just wanted to tell you how happy we have been with our puppy we bought from you last winter. We ended up naming him Custer.  This is partly due to where we had to drive to get him (we kept seeing stuff about little big horn) and that on the way home every time we stopped to let him use the bathroom he just wanted to charge into any frozen bush or grass he could find without hesitation.  He is a wonderful dog he weighs about 75 lbs now at 9.5 months.  He is friendly with everyone and everything.  He gets along great with our other Chesapeake Lola very well and she warmed up to him after a few days (during which she would not even look at him) and they now are practically inseparable. Custer is currently in an advanced training class working on getting his Canine Good Citizen certificate/title.  He took to birds instantly and seems to be a natural at hunting.  He retrieved the very first grouse he flushed and had a lot of fun earlier in September while dove hunting.  Pheasant in Western Washington opens up next Saturday the 27th of September and I can’t wait to get him out there.  Everyone always tells us how wonderful and beautiful he is.  Thanks for everything.

Nate S. & Jennifer U., Washington

Alex & Stacy,

We just wanted to drop a quick note to tell of our fantastic experience with Alex and Stacy. Two years ago my wife and I decided that we were ready for a puppy. After looking at a few different breeds and a few different breeders, we got in contact with ASD Kennels. Stacy was the biggest help, through emails and on the phone. Our deposit was mailed shorty after our phone conversations for a German Shorthair Pointer named Trigger. When the time came, we made the drive from northwestern Montana to the Billings area. My wife couldn’t wait to pick up the little ball of energy. When we showed up, it was like we were old friends. We were greeted, right from the beginning, with a warmth and hospitality that was not expected. We were at ease from that moment. The cleanliness of the kennels, the dogs and the whole facility was exquisite! All of the dogs were beautiful, but my wife had eyes for only one! When we left with him, we knew we had made an excellent decision. He is two-years old now and is just one member of our growing canine family, but he is still spoiled and loved so much. After our magnificent experience, we decided it was time for another puppy. While we have not fulfilled that desire, our deposit has already been made for another magnificent dog. When the time is right, we will be back for another beautiful, finely bred and fantastic puppy!

Thank you so much Alex and Stacy, for the experience and the warmth you show us! We’ll be in touch for the Vizsla before too long!

Elijah C., Montana

Alex and Stacy,

I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience I have had from the time I was debating on which breed would be a right fit for me, to receiving weekly updates throughout Momma Cynna’s pregnancy, and to the day I was able to pick up my precious Piper. Your professionalism behind your website first caught my eye and I was sold after seeing your facility in person. What really got me was seeing your young boys crawling in and out of the cages with all of your breeds and how gentle those dogs were. I am proud to support such ethical breeders as yourself and I highly encourage anyone interested in these breeds to go with ASD Kennels. You will be bringing a very happy and healthy companion into your home and you will also be connected to an amazing resource for your questions and concerns throughout your dog’s life. Thanks again for my pup and your extensive support!

Nikki L.,  Fort Benton, Montana

Alex and Stacy,
I just wanted to take a minute to write you and say what a wonderful breeding program you have there at ASD Kennels. I bred my female chessie with Shynuk, and she whelped a very healthy litter of beautiful little pups. These pups covered the entire Chesapeake Bay Retriever color range from the lightest deadgrass to the darkest brown. Your help and advice after the breeding has been invaluable. You truly care about your dogs and what you do and it shows.
Thank You,

Jerry B. Cut Bank, Montana

Alex and Stacy, I wanted to drop you a Thank you note and give you an update on Danni.

First off, I want to applaud the both of you on the breeding program you have established; it is very evident that you care about your dogs and their offspring.  When I first began my journey of looking for a Chesapeake I spent a lot of time around many different types, many being over protective and aggressive.  I was looking something different, I wanted a well-bred hunting dog that was also a great family pet.  Your dogs fit the bill perfectly.  After talking with Stacy and meeting the dogs, one thing that I noticed is their attitude.  Their attitude is much, much different than the stereotypical Chesapeake.  They have a very fun loving and bubbly attitude while with other dogs and playing with people, but when it comes to work they all business.  The breeding program and line of Chesapeakes that the two of you have developed is bar none and first class in my book.

My wife and I got our first ASD Chesapeake, Danni, in January of 2009.  It was my intention to train this Danni to the highest level she was capable of and hopefully she would retrieve a duck or two for me.  Since beginning our training journey, Danni, with her bubbly attitude and her eagerness to learn, has far exceeded all expectations that I had for her.  We have recently moved from the AKC Junior level Hunt Test up to the Senior level.  I have full confidence in her and have no doubts that she has the capabilities to finish with a Master Hunter behind her name, hopefully the trainer is smart enough to get her that far.  My father recently got his first ASD Chesapeake, like Danni the attitude of the puppy is very, very different than the typical Chesapeake.  Once someone has met one our dogs I make sure to mention that now they know what a good Chesapeake is like.  Even though Sugar, my fathers pup, is only 5 months she is showing very promising signs of becoming a great bird dog and family member.  She will begin her hunt test career in Spring of 2011.  I would recommend ASD Kennels to anyone looking for an exceptional bird dog that also doubles as a pillow in bed.

If anyone ever wants to speak to one of your clients about your dogs please feel free to give them my contact information as I would be more than happy to share my experiences with ASD kennels. Thank you for courtesy and professionalism during the buying process.  I makes the process much, much easier.

Best Regards,

Nick and Colleen S.,  Stevensville, MT

We’ve purchased two Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies (different litters) from ASD Kennels, and if I had a bigger yard, we’d love to have more of their dogs! Both Jenny and Kimber are very sweet and handsome puppies who were already socialized when they arrived. They’re confident little girls, and nothing rattles them. Thanks to the obviously loving environment in which they started out, these puppies didn’t come with a lot of negative quirks that can make bringing up puppies so bothersome. (These are our fifth and sixth Chessie puppies, so we know a bit about the “potential” they have.) We have had zero sleepless nights with our new girls – from day one they’ve both slept in their kennels all night long without whining. On the rare occasion when a pup barks at night, we let her outside to go potty, then she goes right back to sleep. So many people have told us that they’ve never seen such mellow babies.

We loved that Stacy would post pictures on the internet every week so we could watch our new pups grow. She answered all our questions about personalities accurately, so even though we were many hundreds of miles away and weren’t able to see the litter in person, we knew what temperament to expect from the dogs we chose. Alex even drove to Denver to deliver the second pup because it was too hot in Texas to fly her in. Alex and Stacy have been wonderful to work with, and we’re hoping to take a trip to Montana one of these days to meet them in person.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a puppy from ASD Kennels, we know your experience will be as good as ours has been!


Lynn K. and Paul B., Wichita Falls, TX

Stacy, Alex & little Trystan Alex are the most loving and caring family. They made me feel like family the moment I arrived at their home! They introduced me to all the dogs and especially the mom, Jill & the dad, Yukon of my little chessie,. Their dogs are top quality, loving, and very, very smart hunters. My little prince Boomer is the “sunshine” of my life. He is only 8 weeks old today and already lets me know when its time to go outside to potty. He is retrieving everything in the house! He is very intelligent!!! Stacy & Alex go above & beyond. They are very professional & caring. They will bring” sunshine” into your life like you’ve never known. Go visit their family, home and dog families and you will not want to go home! You will want to take all the dogs home too!!! It’s an experience you’ll never forget!! Thank you Stacy, Alex & Trystan for everything & our Little Montana’s Prince Boomer!

Becky & Jim M. , Valley Springs, Arkansas

Stacy, we just wanted to get back with you to let you know how Tuff is doing. He is a tough little bugger so that is his name. He sleeps all night in his dog crate and is quite the character. I have never had a puppy who did not fight his first night in the kennel. You guys surely have been doing the right things in your dogs upbringing. This puppy has more energy then a lot of 12 month old puppy. We are truly enjoying him and he is a perfect fit for our family. Thanks again!

Tony, Deb, Boomer, and Dharma the cat, Montana

We would recommend ASD Kennels in a heartbeat to anyone who is looking for a Chessie from a top of the line breeder. If you are nervous about purchasing a puppy online, without meeting the breeders or the litter in person, have no fear. Stacy made the entire process worry-free, not to mention hassle-free. From the time we reserved a puppy until after she was delivered to our home in California, Stacy was available for questions and updates on the puppy. It was like we were right there in Montana. Stacy helped us pick the right puppy for us, handled all of the paperwork and the shipping of the puppy to our home. Mandy made a seamless transition to our home and gets along extremely well with our two young children who love on her every minute. It was like Mandy was meant to be part of our family all along. Thank you to ASD Kennels for making our family complete!

Del Rosso Family, Pacifica, California

We wanted to thank you for a very professional and caring buying experience. We were looking for just the right pup to add to our family and ASD kennels provided that and more! We were able to come early and check out the puppies. Stacy and Alex let our very inquisitive Toddler check out ALL the puppies with no problem. We finally (after Stacy graciously putting up with many emails from my anal mind), chose our Chessie puppy and took him home. I have always bought my hunting dogs from breeders, but I must say our experience with ASD was the best I have had. Being two full time working parents with two dogs already and a toddler, I was braced for the typical puppy adjusting. But it didn’t come! Odin was well socialized from the beginning. He is one of the most intelligent fearless dogs I have ever had! The first time in the water he just dove right in and started retrieving. We recently took him on his first upland hunt and he kept up with our trained 6 year old Lab like a pro! That said he is also a great family dog and very gentle with our Toddler. He is so quick to learn and well just amazing! We would recommend (and do) ASD Kennels to anyone!

The Dafoe Family, Helena, MT

After researching and deciding that a Weimaraner would be the best dog for me about 3 months ago and, after a considerable amount of time spent looking for a good, professional, and courteous breeder I found Stacy and Alex with ASD Kennels. Now let me tell ya, Stacy and Alex are all of that and so much more. Right from the get go I told Stacy that I would need for her to pick out a good one for me and boy did she. Dixie is a beautiful, smart, and picturesque example of what every Weim pup of good breeding should look like. In addition to that after Stacy had picked the pup for me and we were getting ready to fly the pup from Billings Mt. to El Paso Tx. we found that there was no airline company that would transport the dog into El Paso so… After willingly exploring the many different possibilities with me we were able to put together a way to make it happen. Now, where any little snag would keep a lot of potential buyers from purchasing a pup through ASD, let me promise you Alex and Stacy are pretty nearly willing to do what ever it takes to get your puppy to you as comfortable and as easily as possible. Finally let me tell you, the reader, I am thankful for our little complication because, not only do I now have an absolutely beautiful pup but, I also have two good high caliber friends.

Alex and Stacy, though you may be tired of hearing it from me over and over again, thank you both for everything.

Ben Stewart, New Mexico

ASD Kennels is a first class breeder. We recently purchased a German Shorthair and were absolutely amazed with the quality service and friendliness of Stacey and Alex. Their passion and care for their breeds are evident in the quality service and facilities they provide. They truly care for their breeds and take the time to ensure their pups are going to quality homes. They are very responsive to any questions, make the purchase process smooth/easy and they clearly want to be involved in the development of your pup. From the moment we selected a pup they went above and beyond keeping us involved and updated. We had the opportunity to pick up our pup and meet Stacy and Alex in person, what a pleasurable experience. It was clear from the moment we picked up Gunner that he had received a tremendous amount of attention and TLC from Stacy and Alex. They both are very genuine, honesty, caring, and friendly people and have been a pleasure to work with and get to know. Their kennels and whelping areas are amazing and truly top quality. We’ve done a lot of research and have spoken with many different breeders around the country and you will not find a more quality breeder. They are very knowledgeable; know what they are doing and do it well. I highly recommend them to anyone. If you have any questions about ASD Kennels and their services please feel free to email me at chnrd@hotmail.com, I’d be more then happy to be a reference for them.

Thank you Stacy and Alex, you truly are First Class.

Brian and Krystal, Colorado

Stacy, I wanted to send you a note to know how happy with Amos. He is a great looking Chesapeake. I was so apprehensive about purchasing a puppy from a breeder so far away. You always answered my questions quickly and made the experience a real good one. Amos is so well socialized he fit in with our family as soon as he got here. You guys obviously spend a lot of time with the puppies before they go to their new homes. He will already bring things back that we toss around the room. I will keep you guys posted as he grows and will probably have some training questions as we go. Feel free to give my number to anyone needing a reference to what good dogs you produce. Thanks for everything.

Ron Barnett Jr., Mississippi

Alex & Stacy,

I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up and say what a great experience it was to deal with you in adding three wonderful pups to our family. Rowdy, Roame & Katie, all are healthy, happy and growing like crazy. My experience from my initial phone conversation to our trip to Roundup to meet the dogs all the way through delivery was very positive and enjoyable. My son Kevin & I took the trip intending to pick out one pup and ended up with three, it was an easy choice when I saw the high quality of care and personal commitment that are evident at ASD. Our last addition was Katie, she has become perhaps the most athletic of the group, all legs and energy with a perfect white heart on her chest, she seems on her way to becoming the spitting image of Dancer, you were right Stacy, she can handle the boys. Roame was our original selection and he is a wonderful pup with a very strong desire to be with people, very social and also clearly the alpha of the group, even my hounds give quarter to Roame. Rowdy was clearly misnamed, he is a sweetheart, well behaved and BIG, he is Kevin’s favorite and is the most laid back of the 3. He finds his easy chair at night and doesn’t move until we go on our run in the morning.

If you are looking for a new member to your family and your hunting team you can be assured that ASD combines that rare combination, great dogs, and a great love of dogs.

Best Regards,

John Gray, Washington

Alex and Stacy,

I couldn’t have been happier with how the process of dealing with you went. I don’t think I could have picked a better dog. I decided to name him Drake, as he always has his head held really high like a drake mallard. I will keep you updated during his first hunting season!

Thanks again,

Ken, Montana

Alex & Stacy,

I am so thankful for all of the wonderful support that ASD Kennels has given to me. I was very wary about purchasing a dog with out seeing it or the parents and facilities. I had millions of questions and every one of them has been answered, even after we got our puppy home. Izzy has a great temperament, is obedient and great with our kids. Everyone that sees her tells us how beautiful she is. Thank you again for all you have done to make this experience a pleasant one!

Steve & Amy, Utah

Dear Stacy & Alex,

We can’t thank you enough for how wonderful you’ve been with everything! I did tons of research on breeders and when I met Stacy, I just knew you guys were great. You were so helpful from start to finish and we truly appreciate it. Even now when I have questions, you’re always there to help. Sending us updates and pictures weekly of Shea made our day for sure. We absolutely are in love with Shea, she is the best! She is always so happy to see us and she has a great temperament. We just can’t get enough of her! I’m so happy we found you or else we would never know Shea. We will recommend you to everyone we know, you are a top-notch breeder and if we ever get another Weimaraner, we will definitely be contacting you! Thanks again for being so great!

Mark & Meg, Massachusetts

Thanks for Gibbs!

Just a note of thanks for the exceptional treatment you have provided for us in acquiring our little Weim. I can’t say enough good things about the individualized care and concern you’ve shown the pups and their mom Haze. We are having a wonderful time here at home with the new puppy. I’ve purchased many dogs over the years and without a doubt this was the most caring and professional experience I’ve ever had. You as the breeder made everything just perfect from beginning to end. And you were right about his personality! He’s just full of antics! We can’t thank you enough.

Bill & Dana, Nevada

We recently purchased a weim from Alex and Stacy and it was one of the best experiences that we ever dealt with in purchasing a dog. We have gone through other breeders before and even talked with others this time around. Stacy put us at easy during the whole process, emailed us pictures and we talked several times before actually picking up the dog. So if you are looking into purchasing a dog from them; have no fear as you are in great hands and the dogs are wonderful!

Josh and Susan, Montana

I am so very lucky to have found Stacy and Alex’s website – I have never made such a purchase online before and was a bit nervous at first – especially the thought of flying a dog across the country! – Everything worked out great though – I had typed an E-mail to ASD Kennels one morning (unfortunately, a couple of weeks after having to put my best friend Stalker, a black lab to sleep) and 15 minutes later I received a call from Stacy! – I had always thought Weimaraners were a very unusually beautiful breed – and the pictures on their website (one in particular) made me melt. Stacy was exceptionally great about keeping in touch with me at every step – via phone and E-mails. From going thru paypal, updating pictures of my Dascha – to flight schedules and several calls/E-mails since Dascha has made it to her new home. I cannot recommend Stacy and Alex’s Kennel enough!!! Dascha is beautiful and is a wonderful addition to our family – and has a big sister – Minion the pug to show her the ropes!

Thank you both so much!!!

Karen, New Hampshire

Wonderful Breeder – Wonder Dog!

We got our 6 month old “Drake” a couple of weeks ago from Stacy & Alex. He is wonderful, very healthy, housebroken, and just a big bundle of joy! This breeder really cares for their dogs and goes out of their way to help you. We plan on getting a female from Stacy and Alex in the future.

Kathy, Montana

I purchased a four month old male chessie from Alex and Stacy and I am truly impressed. The pup’s health was impeccable and he was obviously very well socialized. He even knew some basic commands upon arrival. I would highly recommend them as a “top notch” breeder. In the veterinary profession, I have dealt with many breeders and have seen a lot of things both good and bad. Alex and Stacy truly have a caring attitude toward their dogs and I really feel that they have the dog’s best interest in mind while placing pups. I could not be happier with the pup I purchased from them.

David C. Tyree, DVM, Alabama

Our Little Boy!

I would like to thank ASD Kennels for helping us find our Chesapeake Bay Retriever “Gunnar”. He is everything we could ever want. He is so happy and healthy from the first day we got him. Alex and Stacy DeWolf from ASD Kennels are so wonderful and helpful. They made this decision so simple with the great pictures they have on their website and they even sent more when we asked. Between the purchase and shipping I really don’t know which was easier. I think the anticipation was the hardest. They kept in touch every step of the way. A true sign that they honestly care about their dogs/puppies! If you want a excellent quality, healthy Chessie talk to Alex and Stacy. They know their stuff. Thanks again! We are very happy!

Craig and Kate, New Mexico

Absolutely a Five Star Breeder!

We can’t Thank Stacy and Alex enough for our new baby boy “Blaze” meaning “Unwavering Protector” This was the first time I dealt with a puppy purchase over the Internet. I was pretty nervous about it. Stacy was great and being a pay pal member made this transaction smooth and error free. We highly recommend them to anyone. Our baby puppy is already catching on to the go potty outside concept only one accident (pretty good considering he’s only 9 wks old)! And crates very well at night! He follows me around the house and outside like a baby duck. It is obvious they put a lot of time and Love into their dogs. We couldn’t be any happier with our little guy! Thanks again! Absolutely a 5 Star Weimaraner Breeder. We are bonded with Stacy & Alex and we can honestly say we have made new friends for Life!! Thanks Again Stacy & Alex ….

Sandi, California

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